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You are the Captain of a cosmic Battlecruiser, the last remaining warship in the navy. Your homeworld is lost, and surrender is no longer an option.

You and your crew have survived the void by scavenging and raiding. Soon, with new salvaged hardware and some ingenuity, your ship and crew will be ready to take back the solar system...


Space Battlecruiser evokes scenes from Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, Star Trek, and other movies and TV shows - massive starships blasting away at each other. In essence this was the premise and the end result of our game.

It isn’t a simulator, nor is it a true shooter. It doesn’t rely on fast reflexes, though they do help. We like to describe it as a tactical action shooter with strategic elements.

Unlike traditional top down space shooters, players do not control a small agile fighter, instead they control a capital ship – a mobile fortress armed with 8 turrets and an array of special abilities.

The key gameplay elements are learning how to target and use weapons effectively, mitigating damage, and progression based on accumulation of resources earned in battle.

Players will swivel their gun turrets in anticipation of where targets will be, not necessarily where they are. To survive, the player will rely on skill, upgrades, and abilities like the powerful Shield, which can be angled towards incoming fire.

Each game takes place in a star system, which is a collection battles of varying difficulty. The player can choose where to attack next, and the ultimate goal is to defeat the enemy Mothership.

The result is a fun little game that can be quite challenging.


  • Top down space shooter with strategy and RPG elements
  • Control a capital ship with eight turrets containing 3 different weapon types
  • Simple open space maps focusing on combat
  • Actively defend the ship with abilities such as the directional shield
  • Balance spending resources on repairing damage and purchasing upgrades (skill helps)
  • Progress through sectors contained within a star system to win
  • Battle other warships and heavily defended space stations
  • Raid enemy convoys
  • Nine weapon types
  • Upgrade weapons and construct new abilities like minefield, and the ability to launch fighters from onboard hangers
  • Random elements and ramping difficulty for higher replay value
  • possibility for future content packs to extend the experience


Space Battlecruiser promotional video at YouTube.


Gameplay screenshots.

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